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Need to get to the Seattle or the San Juans? One to the other is just 45 minutes away.

Need a vacation? Head up to Campbell River for some fishing, Eastern Washington for wine tasting, or get to that business meeting on your own schedule.

We have 5 planes in our fleet allowing for groups of up to 21.

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Prices apply to all flights originating in Bellingham, Anacortes, Orcas Island, and Friday Harbor.

Destinations (US)

3-passenger (Cessna 172)

5-passenger (Cessna 206/207)

San Juan Islands* $320 $480

Skagit Regional $360 $530
Point Roberts** $390 $580
Port Angeles $460 $625
Everett – Paine Field $500 $740
Seattle (Boeing Field) $570 $850

*Includes Friday Harbor, Lopez Island, Roche Harbor, Eastsound (Orcas), Blakely Island, Center Island, Decatur Island, and Stuart Island. Proof of ownership, permission to land, or business need might be required for charters to Blakely, Center, Decatur, or Stuart Island as these are private airports. Stuart West and Waldron Island charters have special requirements and might incur additional charges.

**Due to performance limitations of the aircraft, departing Point Roberts with three or five adults (respective to each aircraft type) or otherwise close to gross weight limit may not be possible. Please call for more information.

International Routes*

3-passenger (Cessna 172)

5-passenger (Cessna 206/207)

Boundary Bay to Bellingham $525 $785
Victoria to Bellingham $620 $905
Vancouver Intl to Bellingham $675 $960
Nanaimo to Bellingham $675 $980
Tofino to Bellingham $1270 $1870
Vancouver Intl to Seattle – Boeing Field $1075 $1530

*Passenger facility charges of approx. $5 per person apply from some Canadian departure points. This is not an exhaustive list of routes – please call for other options.

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There are a few extra things to consider when flying to Canada. See these and other guidelines in Guest Information.

“The massive time savings over the ferry system gave us hours on each end of our trip that would have been lost in transit”

- Michael R. Howard, Bellingham, WA