Beatiful Scenery, No Traffic

Direct, private flights between the Central Sound Region, and the San Juan Islands & Canada

The San Juan Islands and Victoria are only a little over an hour away from the central Puget Sound. Popular Canadian destinations along the Vancouver Island Coast aren’t that much farther.Traffic and distance keeping you away from the beauty of the San Juans and Vancouver Island? From Seattle, it can take a minimum of 4 hours to travel to the islands or Victoria when factoring in traffic, ferries, and customs lines.


Flying with us will maximize your time away. No traffic, no ferry lines, no TSA, no hassle.

Every seat’s a window seat


Vacationing over the weekend? We’ll pick you up after work on a Friday, and drop you off Sunday evening, with about an hour in the air, each way. Want to make your stay longer or shorter? No problem! Just tell us when you want to go. These flights are on-demand so we can get you there just about any day or time you want to fly.

With numerous airports between Seattle and the north end you can choose how much you would like to drive or fly. Prices vary based on distance flown.

The prices below represent your exclusive use of the airplane. You’ll have full use either three or five seats and cargo space depending on the aircraft you choose. Our 5 seat airplanes are also equipped with additional cargo pods, to help you bring all your vacationing necessities. With a party of three or five, your flying dollar is fully maximized.

So grab a couple of companions and enjoy a weekend in the islands and enjoy whale watching, boating, shopping, and all the islands have to offer. With 3 or 5 seat planes available, there’s room for everyone! We’ll get you straight there, with no stops along the way.

Route Approximate
3-Seats 5-Seats
Between Seattle (Boeing Field) or Renton and:
San Juan Islands (Friday Harbor, Lopez, Roche, Orcas, Blakely) 50 mins $515 $685
Anacortes/Bellingham 50 mins $515 $685
Langley, Whidbey Island 30 mins $515 $685
Victoria 60 mins $800 $990
Boundary Bay 45 mins $710 $845
Abbotsford 45 mins $685 $795
Vancouver 90 mins $1050 $1210
Nanaimo 80 mins $1100 $1270
Tofino 2.25 hrs $1650 $2090
Campbell River 2.25 hrs $1850 $2090
Between Everett (Paine Field) or Snohomish (Harvey Field) and:
San Juan Islands (Friday Harbor, Lopez, Roche, Orcas, Blakely) 35 mins $460 $625
Anacortes/Bellingham 35 mins $460 $625
Victoria 45 mins $635 $770
Vancouver 75 mins $845 $990
Nanaimo 65 mins $925 $1050
Tofino 2 hrs $1540 $1930
Campbell River 2 hrs $1680 $1930
Between Anacortes, Skagit, or Bellingham and:
San Juan Islands (Friday Harbor, Lopez, Roche, Orcas, Blakely) 15-30 mins $285 $400
Victoria 30 mins $440 $580
Vancouver 45 mins $550 $700
Boundary Bay 45 mins $515 $655
Abbotsford 45 mins $440 $580
Nanaimo 45 mins $550 $700
Tofino 90 mins $1260 $1540
Campbell River 90 mins $1260 $1540